10. Rotring Rapidograph 0.35

Pen of the day – Rotring Rapidograph 0.35

This is so close to being my ultimate fine line (illustration) pen, so close! The most consistent line thickness, the blackest of inks, well balanced, functional, robust… a great pen, I love working with it.

…and yet it’s not the best?


9. Staedtler Lumocolor Duo

Pen of the Day – Staedtler Lumocolor Duo

Double-ended permanent marker. When you need thick and black this is the pen.

8. Mont Blanc Meisterstuck

Pen of the Day – Mont Blanc

A rather poor photo of my Meisterstuck. I was given this pen back in 1987 and it has always been a joy to use, back then Mont Blanc only made pens and they understood the value of their brand. Today you can buy Mont Blanc socks, after shave and cufflinks… and it’s all just toot! Even their pens are pale copy of what they once were. As a business they have sold their soul, they’ve forgotten who they are and even how to make wonderful pens.

Everything about this pen has been carefully crafted, the weight of the pen is perfectly balanced in my hand, the reverse-thread pump which draws ink into the barrel, the cap, even the branding of the cap. I love this pen!

7. Rotring Tikky 0.5

Pen of the Day – Rotring Tikky 0.5

I’ve been using Rotring pens for more than 20 years and they have produced some great drawing pens. Sadly this is not one of them. Despite the Rotring name, the style of the ‘Rapido’ pen and claims of a 0.5 nib and “pigmented Ink”… what you actually get is a rather average, poorly balanced, inaccurate fibre-tip pen with a dull, grey/black ink and average results.

I’m happy to carry this in my pocket and even fly with it (something you must NEVER do with a rapidoxxx pen – they will piss ink everywhere with the change in air pressure if you carry one upstairs too quickly) but I am always a little disappointed when I draw with this pen.

So why do I own it? I guess I keep buying these because I live in hope that one day you will be able to get rapido-style results from a fibre tip, and if anyone can do that it must be Rotring… right?

(Shame this is only pens.. the Tikky pencil is just the best!)

6. Acme Ink pen (Ray & Charles Eymes design)

Pen of the Day – 12th Sept 2011.

A basic fountain pen made by Acme with a choice of the short ink cartridge or a small internal pump. Three things I like about this pen:

1. The external pattern was created by Ray and Charles Eymes and it looks proper funky!

2. It has a smooth, thick nib that slows me down and helps to give my handwriting an outside chance of being read and understood.

3. It’s a beautifully weighted pen (judging by the build quality this is more through luck than judgement), almost as well balanced as the Meisterstuck.

Sadly I never remember to buy any cartridges so the pen is mostly dry

5. Pilot V Ball

Pilot V Ball. Line quality is almost as good as the Hi-Techpoint, and this is a rollerball! A good pen for general use, can be a little slow in starting and it has a harder feel than the V5.

4. Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoint

Saturday 10th – Pen of the Day

Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoint. A good fine line, liquid ink pen with a consistent line thickness and black ink which will not fade. The ink dry’s quickly so you don’t get much bleed on absorbent paper stock.

I used a lot of these when Rotring discontinued my all-time favourite pen (more about that later) but there are plenty of good pens like this one in my bag.